The Music Tour Team

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  • Producer: Dean Groover, 40 years Independent productions in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Costa Rica
  • Production Manager: Walt McKay, 30 years in Dallas area resume covering large and small productions.
  • Production Director: Sherman Bernard, Bernard productions 40 years in EVERY aspect of live music.
  • Video Production: Wade Alberty, 11 seasons on Little House On The Prairie and 30 years in Production.
  • Social Media: Jonathan Starrett,
  • Talent Booking: Anthony Gibson, Over 23 years with MGM Resorts.
  • Talent Booking: Marc Holmes, 28 years Marc Anthony Production Manager.
  • Broadcast Director: Mike Eber, Owner Metroplex Communications
  • Graphic Design: William Johns, IT with Microsoft.
  • Website Design: Russ Petee, Owner 3rd Coast Designs