Fiesta Caliente will be a yearly festival will be held on the first Saturday in September each and ever year and provide entertainment for 15 to 20 thousand DFW area residents. The new Fiesta Caliente show will also be broadcast throughout the world through Social Media. The TV and internet broadcast is estimated to reach Millions. The Fiesta Caliente festival will showcase several world class Musical Artist along with NEW talented Acts that will get their shot! The festival will also feature Arts and Crafts located throughout the grounds, guest DJ’s, a cooking show with Chef Ruben and with over 100 Caliente Dancers, . The Festival will grow and include many more aspects of the Latin culture and focus on finding ways to promote health and wellness to the Latin community. Activities and fun for all! First Responders and Veterans are FREE when they order tickets before August 30th.

Charlie Bravo

Charlie Bravo is most recognized as the long-time host of the popular Univision show “Caliente”. He hosted this internationally syndicated show for eight years (1995-2003) before deciding to move on to other projects.

Charlie has been producing television for over 20 years and is the President of Enigma Entertainment Inc., which provides Spanish programming for the US Latino markets. He has produced over 1,000 episodes of television programming. Charlie also served as the Musical Supervisor and Executive Producer for “Loco Love”, an internationally released feature film distributed by Artisan Entertainment and Universal Studios.

C aliente Dancers